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Look at it this way.

as encouraged by Timothy Shepard

On light

First things first, God creates light. What a glorious moment it must have been. "..and God saw that the light was good." (Gen:1)

Has anyone ever thought about this miracle of Light? Light is such an integral part of our life that we easily lose sight of its innumerable practical and spiritual significance. Light enables us to live, learn, and to find our way; it brightens our Christmas trees; it is a metaphor for a greater good that inspires and feeds our spirits. The story of light is a fascinating one.

Scientists have discovered all sorts of interesting facts about light, especially in the last century. Physicists have pondered with very sophisticated mathematical experiments whether light is a thing or a happening. It travels 186,000 miles/SECOND, a figure used to measure cosmic distance. Curiously, light travels in a CURVE, not in a straight line. It is one of the few actualities that is not influenced by gravity. Light seems nearly incomprehensible. Perhaps if we understand light, we might begin to understand the mystery of God.

There are boundless sources of light for all of our needs: florescent and incandescent; sunlight, moonlight, starlight, and firelight; books, the Word, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Light is obviously a necessary element for our survival. Plants need a certain kind of light in order to grow. Psychologists have even proven that people need a certain amount of sunlight to avoid depression. Whether man made or God given, we cannot exist without light in all of its derivations.

Light brings beauty to a stain glass window; it manifests in a sunrise and a sunset. Light has fascinated artists and other curious people for a long time. The artists of Impressionistic Era made light a central theme as they created their art. Light can fool our sense of reality. Ever been moved by a movie. A medium of light beamed on a white screen and sound waves forced through the air can powerfully move our hearts. Let the movie goer beware!

Salvation history is the story of a light blinking on and off for God's chosen people. Then this light grows bright; God incarnates. "Light of Light" is how the Nicene Creed describes Jesus. Light is one of the themes for the season of Epiphany, the Church season we are about to enter. It's no coincidence that the Church chose the time of the Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year, to observe the birth of Jesus. Just like the wise men who followed the light of that intriguing star to Bethlehem, Christians too are guided by the splendid light -- "Shine Jesus, shine".

God gave us physical light by incantation; later he offered spiritual Light through an incarnation. It is our choice whether or not to close our eyes in prayer and realize the light.




"...and God saw that light was good."