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Look at it this way.

as encouraged by Timothy Shepard

The "P" Word

It can be as exhilarating as parachuting out of a plane; it can be a panacea and increase peacefulness; Martin Luther would say it is like a prayer pleasing to God; it can be as puzzling as a paradox; sometimes it is like writing personal letters - hard to get started; occasionally it is as perfunctory as putting out the trash; more often it's as stimulating as a Piccaso painting; always it's imPerative. The P word is "Practice".

"Little by little does the trick", said Aesop. Practice means isolating the hard parts and chipping away at them in a slow and repetitive process; just like a sculptor chips away at a block of marble until the creation is what the artist wants it to be. Practice is exercising muscles to develop strength and agility (which is another way that music and football are similar). I remember how my parents found it inconceivable that I would practice even one piece for hours on end; repeating the same thing over and over again at snail's pace. When you practice, you learn Patience and you learn about what Process means -- not bad concepts to understand and two more good "P" words!

Folks practice to perfect artistic creations (which originate as inspirations from the Holy Spirit). Christians practice to develop their God given talents. Practicing is actually good stewardship; it is using our talents wisely. And it means that our offering to God will be our best efforts!

Practice is certainly not limited to music. Anything worth doing requires practice. This includes doing back flips off a diving board, playing the saxophone, praying, or keyboarding on a computer. You simply don't get better unless you practice.

The point of all of this is that we all need to be practicing -- singer, ringers and field goal kickers.

Praise God with the diligent application of the talents that God has entrusted to us! Practice.