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No such thing as a dumb question...
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What is going on here?

Excellent question! What is going on here is nothing less than a revolution in purchasing music for your music ministry.

  1. From the catalog, choose one or more pieces of music
  2. Purchase a license using Paypal
  3. Login and download one or more files of the scores you want
  4. Print the music file (and save the file)
  5. Make whatever number of copies that you need.

No more shipping costs, no more waiting 2, 3, 7 or 21 days for out-of-stock music to arrive from UPS, USPS or Federal Express. You can purchase an anthem at 5:00 pm and rehearse it with your choir the same night.

We have seen changes in how recorded music is purchased.  Sheet music purchase now joins the digital revolution.  

For the better of your wallet, for the better of the earth and the environment, for the convenience to the church musician, for the better of the economy, Sheet Music Downloads is the way to go for octavos, anthems, individual pieces.

But I must admit that there is something else going on here. gives me an outlet to do ALL the things that I am either very interested in or I have to do to be happy and feel productive. Technology and the Internet and Church Music are being wedded into one Schedule C tax form. And  here, within the Blog area, I can write the short essays that I enjoy composing in an attempt to set the record straight and point folks towards correct thinking.  Not only do I enjoy stringing notes together, but I also enjoy combining words together into some unity or mischievous fun.  I look forward to provoking a response from you.

What are the purposes of

The purposes of are:

  • To publish music that glorifies God
  • To make music available to sacred musicians and music ministries over the Internet in an efficient and inexpensive way. At, you can purchase, download, print, copy and start practicing a new anthem in the same day.
  • To develop a new model of music distribution that better rewards composers and arrangers than the 'engraved on paper' model. This new model sells "licenses" that allow musicians to download/save and open a digital file on their computer. The license purchased will allow them to print, copy, practice, perform, and/or record etc.. The paper model sells pieces of paper with music engraved onto it. The piece of paper becomes the commodity, not the music. The paper model requires a system of delivery, which adds delays (of one day shipping, two days, out of stock/on order); and delivery adds expense to the total cost and smog to the air.

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Purchase an anthem at 5:00 pm and rehearse it with your choir the same night.