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This license gives the purchaser permission to download sheet music, make as many copies as needed for your organization, practice the piece on a musical instrument or in rehearsals, perform in public or in private and hopefully enjoy. This license is validated by proof of purchase. grants a non-exclusive license to use the WORK downloaded from

The number of copies that you make should not unreasonably exceed the number needed. 

You may not distribute copies of the PDF file in whole or in part except as expressly provided for in this agreement. You may not sub-license, lease, lend, sell, rent or grant others any rghts, or provide copies to others. You may not make or permit any third party to make further copies of any part of the WORK or FILE.

You may perform the work in a public performance which may include a worship service, concert or other program. Acknowledgement of the composer (author) must be included with any performance either in writing, if there is a written program, or verbally.

This license does not extend to mechanical sound reproduction or sound recording of the WORK , except for historical purposes. To inquire about licensing of for mechanical reproduction, contact us.

You may not make any alterations or modifications to the musical content contained in the download PDF file or any copy without permission from

CUSTOMER REMEDIES's entire liability and your exclusive remedy shall be, at's option, either (a) return of the price paid for the WORK or (b) replacement of the WORK. This Limited Warranty is void if failure of the WORK, FILE or hardware has resulted from accident, abuse, or misapplication, or in the event that you have not agreed to or complied with the terms of this Agreement.

In the event that you have not agreed to or complied with material portions of this Agreement, then upon notification, you agree to immediately destroy all copies of the WORK and FILE.

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