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Can you bill my Church or School?

At this time, is not set up to maintain individual or business accounts and to send bills and statements.  There is a solution in that you will receive an email from Paypal detailing your purchase and the amount that was charged to your credit card.  This serves well as a receipt for you to receive reimbursement from your organization.  The other possible solution is if the organization has a credit card that can be used to make your purchase.  Note that it is not necessary to have an account with Paypal to make a payment through Paypal. 

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes & No

Yes, Azaleacircle will refund the purchase price (and WE will not charge a restocking fee) if

  • Within the 7 days after your purchase you have not logged in and downloaded the file; OR
  • Within 7 days after your purchase, you have notified us that you were having trouble downloading or opening your file. 

No, can not refund your purchase if

  • You have successfully downloaded your file.

When it is determined that a refund is appropriate, it will be credited to the credit card that you (or your representative) used for the purchase.