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How do I purchase music?

Purchasing music at is a simple three step process:

  • Find music
  • Purchase music
  • Download your music
1. From the Home page click "Find Music" or from this page click "Music Titles" . Select a Category such as Handbells, Choral, etc. or view all the titles. Click on a Title that interests you. Review the information about that title such as the instrumentation, the text source for choral pieces, etc.. Hear what it sounds like by clicking "Listen to Score" or look at the first few pages of the score by clicking "View Score". If you like what you hear and see, click the "Add to Cart " button.

2. To complete your purchase click the "View Cart" button. You will be linked to the Paypal web site where you can review your cart and Check out. If you have a Paypal account, you can log in to your Paypal account. A Paypal account is not required, however. You will be asked to provide payment information. After a successful transaction, you will be redirected back to

3. You will receive TWO emails. One email will be from Paypal confirming your transaction. You should keep this email as a receipt of your transaction. You might need this receipt if you were requesting reimbursement from your Church or organization. This email also serves as proof of purchase if ever a question arose about your right to use the score.

4. The second email will be from The subject will be "Download Info |" This email will contain information about how to download your sheet music.

5. The login page is a link away from the confirmation page that Paypal redirected your browser to. Click login. You will need to carefully input your email address and the Transaction ID. Both are provided in the email that you receive from

6. After you have successfully logged in, your browser will open a page listing the titles of the sheet music that you have purchased. Each title is a link to a PDF file that you can download by clicking the link or saving the file to your computer. We suggest that you right/click on the link and choose 'Save target as...' to save the file to your computer.

When I buy an anthem for my choir, they only cost 1.75 or maybe 2.00 each. Why is this music so expensive?

In reality, music from is less expensive, not more. Let's do the math. A choir director of a large choir of 45 perhaps usually buys 50 copies of an anthem. If the average price of an anthem $1.75 He gets a discount of 10%, which usually covers the shipping charges. He has spent $87.50 for the anthem. On, he purchases a license at $20 and downloads the file. But we really need to factor in the cost of making copies for his choir. The anthem is 8 pages. The piece prints on 4 sides of an 11X17 piece of paper. At Kinkos, each copy is going to be around .50 cents. With a total expense of approximately $25 at Kinkos. If the Church has a decent copy machine, copies could be even cheaper. So when you compare the expense of the large church choir spending approximately $90 per anthem and at closer to $35 or $40 per anthem. Often will make available scores that are reductions of the piece that don't include the entire accompaniment. This makes the anthem less pages and saves paper and the number of actual copies you need to produce. And guess what? The composer or creator of the work will paid more for their effort in this transaction by than by the publisher of the paper product model.