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security & privacy

Is my credit card information secure? Will it be protected and will all of my information be kept private? Is PayPal safe?

With each passing day, ecommerce becomes increasingly popular among shoppers and confidently utilized by web surfers.  It does not take very long to figure out that you can save alot of money.

Before diving into purchasing over the Internet, you should know about what to look for to protect yourself.  One important tool is to make sure that when you are checking out and providing private information, that your connection is using "SSL" (Secure Socket Layer). This provides an encryption technology which secures the connection between your computer and the web site to which you are providing confidential information.   You can tell if you have a secure (SSL) connection because the URL in your address window begins with https:  (notice the "S")  Many browsers also will have a lock icon of some kind, usually in the bottom right hand corner of the window.  But the https is the easiest way to see if your connection is secure. 

Because internet engineers have been so fanatic about security, I would suggest that you should feel more comfortable giving your credit card information to a reputable retailer over the Internet than when you hand your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant or toss your statements in the trash can after paying your bills. 

What do you do with the name and address information that you collect? does receive address information from Paypal that is necessary to confirm credit card payments. Your information will go no further. We will not sell it and we will not give your information away to anyone, at all, ever; even under the most extreme duress. 

Your credit card transaction is handled through Paypal. does not see any of your credit card information:  not the type of card you used, not the name on the card, not the experation date, not anything.  And we can not access it. But you should know of all the efforts Paypal takes to keep your information safe, private and secure. Click here.


Make sure that your internet connection is secure before you provide personal information such as credit card information.  The URL begins with: